Automate the identification of text in images

Thanks to our OCR system you can automate the identification of data and text from documents and save a lot of work for your employees

Automate data acquisition processes

Thanks to Klondike you will be able to recognize the data and the text present in a document and save it directly in your favorite system, saving a lot of time and speeding up your processes. Automate mechanical and repetitive processes

Automatically extract business card or expense report data

Use Klondike to automatically read business card data after a trade show or to check expense reports. This will eliminate hours of back-office activities and will be more fast

Automate your processes with Klondike

Create tailor-made processes

Eliminate bottlenecks and boost efficiency in your data acquisition processes. Thanks to a native BPM on Klondike you can structure your own flows, combine the use of multiple algorithms and tools and create the perfect process for your needs

Automate the identification of text in images