Automate lead routing process

Easily connect your favourite sales tools and automate lead classification and routing

Connect Klondike to your favorite tools

Thanks to many pre-built connectors you can connect Klondike to the company CRM in a simple way and without developing integrations. You will be able to automatically classify and assign leads to your sellers based on the criteria you prefer

Improve Buyer Experience

Eliminate repetitive and manual tasks and let your team focus on what matters most: your leads. In this way, in addition to saving time, you will offer your prospects a better experience by improving response times and increasing conversion rates.

Automate your processes with Klondike

Create tailor-made processes

Eliminate bottlenecks and boost efficiency in your sales processes. Thanks to a native BPM on Klondike you can structure your own flows, combine the use of multiple algorithms and tools and create the perfect process for your needs

Automate lead routing management