Automate your customer support with the power of AI

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks. Klondike will allow you to close more tickets faster instead of wasting time on repetitive tasks!

Automatically classify and assign tickets

Connect Klondike to your favorite tool. Without any efforts you can automatically classify and assign tickets to your team. Klondike will classify your tickets based on language, kind of problem, priority or other parameters that you can set.

Improve Customer Experience

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks and let your team focus on what matters most: your customers. In this way, in addition to saving FTEs, you will offer your customers a better experience by improving response times.

Create tailor-made processes

Eliminate bottlenecks and boost efficiency in your support processes. Thanks to a native BPM on Klondike you can structure your own flows, combine the use of multiple algorithms and tools and create the perfect process for your needs

Bring your Customer Service to the next level