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Chatbot FAQs are tools designed to answer the most common questions asked by users of a website, service or platform.

This specific type of Chatbot provides customers with initial support, offering the information sought in a quick way and effectively solving recurring issues common to multiple users.


What are the FAQs?

Frequently Asked Questions, better known by the acronym FAQ, are literally “frequently asked questions”. More precisely, they are a list of answers to those questions that people most frequently ask when using a particular service.

Thanks to this list of generic questions, generally collected in special sections on websites – available to all and easily accessible to users who want to consult them – companies can provide their own official answer.

Their usefulness consists in providing immediate help to users on a recurring issue of which there is already a solution. The publication of the FAQ serves therefore to avoid the reformulation of those questions to which an answer has already been given, allowing a saving of time both for those who ask questions and for those who offer the answer.

In this way users in difficulty  or those who need to get a quick answer to their question can be quickly helped, greatly improving the user experience.

FAQs are a tool that lends itself to any field because they are a very effective way to inform and clarify recurring doubts about how to use a product or a platform, about the functioning of a process, to guide in a purchase procedure, provide information about schedules or payments, etc.


Why integrate FAQs into a Chatbot

Having all the answers to our questions in one web page is definitely very convenient, but it is at the same time boring and frustrating to have to scroll through a long list of frequently asked questions to get to that answer we are looking for. What if you could have a solution that you could just ask a question about and get an immediate answer with a web page? This is possible if the company FAQs are integrated into a Chatbot.

Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence solutions that have become increasingly popular and used in recent years thanks to their ability to understand natural language (written and spoken) and then to simulate human and realistic conversations that allow companies to automate the processes of interaction with website visitors.

If business FAQs or online manuals structured by chapters are integrated into Chatbots, they will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions from customers or potential customers. This allows businesses to provide answers quickly and automatically – and at any time of day – about company products or services, helping customers reach the appropriate web pages.

Some advantages of this type of Chatbot?

  • Optimization and autonomy in response times, with a service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Direct interaction with users, who will feel more involved and will have a better experience on the website.
  • Personalized business communication with its customers that develops a form of brand loyalty and allows you to monitor the level of satisfaction.
  • Improved business productivity and efficiency, with employees being freed from providing the same answers to similar questions and having more time to focus on other high value-added activities.


How to use Chatbot FAQs?

The goal of a chatbot FAQ is therefore to answer the most common and frequent questions about a company’s products or services. They are very useful solutions for external customers, but they can also be integrated for internal employees.

For external customers

We have seen that, if on the company website there are already specific sections containing the FAQ or online manuals structured by chapters, these can be integrated into a chatbot, thus contributing to the creation of a personalized and seamless user experience for customers.

In addition, these chatbots help and automate lead generation tasks because they can get and collect basic information from potential users.

For internal employees

Similarly, Chatbot FAQs can help internal employees in the early stages of onboarding, a post-hiring process that involves bringing the new employee into the company. In fact, when a new employee has difficulties in finding information, he can address and write his question directly to the chatbot  without contacting colleagues or his supervisor directly.

The purpose of a Chatbot like this is therefore to support and make autonomous employees of a company in the search for information, procedures and manuals. In doing so, the workload of employees will decrease significantly, resulting in an increase in internal employee satisfaction.

How does this type of Chatbot work? You find it explained in this video.


The Chatbot Klondie can be declined in any form and context and is able to understand natural language natively. Thanks to a chatbot like this, with a totally customizable funnel, companies can solve problems and customer requests – internal and external – providing real-time answers, with a consequent saving of time, labor and money.

If you want to know more about the topic and find out how you can implement such a chatbot in the company, contact us for a demo.

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