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FAQ chatbot

Customer expectations have changed today. 90% of users consider an immediate response from brands a very important factor in customer service. Meeting these expectations is one of the most important challenges for companies.

The perfect tools to facilitate this work are the FAQ Chatbot. These solutions are designed to answer the most frequently asked questions from website users, service users, or platform users.

This specific type of Chatbot provides a first assistance to customers, offering them quickly the information they are looking for and solving the most common problems for all users.


What are the FAQs?

Frequently Asked Questions, better known by the acronym FAQ are a list of answers to those questions that people ask most frequently when using a certain service.

Thanks to this list of generic questions, companies can provide their own official answer. They are usually collected in special sections on websites, available to everyone and easy to reach for users who want to consult them.

The FAQs provide immediate help to users on recurring issues that already exist. Their publication therefore avoids a constant reformulation of the same questions to which the same answer has already been given.

In this way it is possible to quickly help users in difficulty or those who need to get a quick answer to their question, improving customer service. In addition, both for those who ask questions and for those who provide the answer, there will be a considerable saving of time.

A FAQ Chatbot lends itself to any scope and industry because it allows you to inform and clarify recurring doubts in a very effective way. For example, how to use a product or platform, how a process works, how to guide a purchase process, how to provide information about timetables or payments, etc.


Integrate business FAQs into a Chatbot

Having all the answers to our questions on a single web page would certainly be very convenient, but at the same time it would be boring and frustrating to have to scroll through long lists to get to that answer we are looking for.

What if you could have a solution to which you could simply ask that question and get the answer immediately with the relevant section of the site? This is possible if the company FAQs are integrated into a Chatbot.

Chatbots are AI solutions that can understand natural language (written and spoken) and simulate human and realistic conversations, allowing companies to automate the processes of interaction with website visitors.

If business FAQs or chapter-based online manuals are integrated into Chatbots, they will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions from customers or users.

In this way, companies can automatically and at any time of the day provide quick and effective answers. Customers will then be directed to the appropriate web pages and receive valuable help with their questions about company products and services.


Why should you need a FAQ Chatbot?

Interest and use of chatbots have grown considerably in recent years because they bring significant advantages.

In the case of FAQ Chatbots, these solutions especially improve productivity and business efficiency. Employees are freed from providing the same answers to similar questions, allowing them to focus on other high value-added activities.

Other advantages of this type of Chatbot?

  • Optimization and autonomy in response times, thanks to a service available 24/7, and increased response rate;
  • Direct interaction with users, who will feel more involved and satisfied;
  • Customer satisfaction improved thanks to quick answers to their questions;
  • Personalized company communication with users who will develop a form of brand loyalty;
  • Save time and money by automating common questions;
  • Increased sales, with customers following a natural path to conversion;
  • Multilingual support that will increase the base of potential customers.


How to use a FAQ Chatbot?

The goal of a FAQ Chatbot is therefore to answer the most common and frequent questions about a company’s products or services. Depending on your business objectives, FAQ Chatbots can be integrated for both external customers and internal employees.

For external customers

We have seen that if specific sections containing FAQs or online manuals structured by chapters are already present on the company website, they can be integrated into a chatbot. In this way users will be helped in finding information and their experience on the site will be personalized and fluid.

In addition, these chatbots help and automate lead generation tasks because they allow you to get and collect basic information from users. Subsequently, this information can be used in the sales funnel to create an ad hoc approach with the potential customer.

For internal employees

In the same way, FAQ Chatbots can help internal employees in the early stages of the onboarding process, which is the time after the new employee is hired.

If the new employee has difficulty in finding information, they can contact and ask questions at the Chatbot FAQ, without having to contact their colleagues or their supervisor directly.

Thanks to a Chatbot like this you can support and make autonomous employees of a company in the search for information, procedures and manuals. The workload of employees will thus decrease significantly, resulting in an increase in internal employee satisfaction.


Chatbot Klondie can be declined in any form and context and is able to understand natural language natively. Our Chatbot has a totally customizable funnel, easy and fast to realize in complete autonomy.

In this way, companies can solve problems and customer requests – internal and external – by providing real-time answers, resulting in savings in time, labor and money.

If you want to know more and implement a Chatbot FAQ in the company, contact us to schedule a demo.

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