Who is Klondike?

Who is Klondike

Klondike is a startup born in December 2020 with a goal: to democratize access to Artificial Intelligence.

Our mission is in fact to make Artificial Intelligence available to companies of all sizes and sectors, making this technology usable in a fast way, at reduced costs and without the need to hire specialized personnel.

Our final aim? To bring real and concrete benefits within companies!

Why Klondike?

Why Klondike?

Where does the name Klondike come from? Klondike borrows its name from the region in the northwest of Canada (the Klondike precisely), a region famous for the period of the late ‘800 characterized by a frantic gold rush, with thousands of prospectors and miners who had just rushed into the area in search of gold.

Fans of Mickey Mouse comics will certainly remember the book dedicated to the exploits of Uncle Scrooge in this mythical land, the setting for many adventures in the hunt for the biggest nugget.

At the end of the 19th century, the Golden Age brought about cultural, economic and technological growth. Today, we live in the data age, where data and information have become “gold mines” if they are properly exploited by companies, very important resources for both businesses and people.

How was Klondike born?

How was Klondike born?

The idea of Klondike stems from a need for concreteness and speed in implementing AI projects emerged during a series of interviews with many companies that had the intention of introducing AI in the company. These often clashed with the barriers to access to this technology, such as the long lead times for projects or high costs.

In addition to this, the algorithms that are usually found on the market often require the necessary configurations or many specific skills to be implemented and then usable.

The big difference that characterizes Klondike is that ours is a low-code platform. This means that you can access the power of AI and use algorithms simply through configuration modules and graphical interfaces. In this way anyone, even without being technical or having specific knowledge of how to write code, can quickly automate and optimize their processes.

The focus of Klondike

The focus of Klondike

Klondike algorithms are highly adaptable to a wide range of industries and to many business cases. That’s why we don’t have a specific verticality.

However, what we can consider as our main focus and major specialization is the process algorithms dedicated to Customer Care, Customer Service and Customer Experience.

These algorithms support all customer-related tasks, such as automating manual and repetitive tasks or providing fast and accurate responses, reducing waiting times and improving response times.

Awards and recognitions received

Despite our young age we had the honor of being awarded prestigious national and international awards such as the victory of Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2021 (contest BNP Paribas Cardif in collaboration with insuranceup and PNI Cube), of the award My Start BCN (competition of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona), and the recognition given by The Net Value within the Prize 2031 – ex Premio Marzotto.
Not only awards, but also participation in major international events such as those in 2021 at the Lisbon Web Summit and in 2022 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the internal event 4YFN – For Years From Now dedicated to startups.
Next April we will be protagonists at the Startup Village at AI Week 2023 in Rimini.

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