Open Source

The low-code platform is not the only way to access our algorithms.
The source code of some of our algorithms is also available in Open Source mode.

The algorithms are then available for free use and editing by anyone, transparently and totally free of charge. In this way, anyone can access the source code, modify it and use it at will.

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Why Open Source?

Why Open Source?

Klondike decided to focus on Open Source to stimulate the creation of a community of users able to access our code to contribute and support the project, and use our algorithms to create new applications.

This choice fully supports the mission that is at the basis of Klondike, that is to have the objective of democratizing access to Artificial Intelligence for all and to bring real and concrete benefits within companies.

Klondike on GitHub

Klondike on GitHub

Where to find our algorithms in Open Source mode?

On github is available the source code of some of our most used algorithms

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