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Intelligenza Artificiale + Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now increasingly widespread and known. Although it is often associated with science fiction themes that have always fascinated humans, in recent years has invested a lot in this field of research that has proved indispensable for many businesses.

Now an integral part of the daily life – private and working – of each of us, Artificial Intelligence is able to generate significant benefits for both companies and customers. One of the most interesting fields of application is surely the one that concerns the integration within marketing strategies.


What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Marketing activities, especially digital ones, are particularly suitable for integration with AI. Many processes can be improved, speeded up and made more fluid, fostering a 360-degree understanding of consumer needs.

Thus a branch called AI marketing merge these two disciplines. It is in fact a form of direct marketing that differs in the type of reasoning that is done to suggest the decisions to be taken, in this case performed by a computer and algorithms instead of man. This combination is based on 3 activities:

  • collect consumer data online and then store it in a database;
  • transform data into information, analyzing them thanks to AI and machine learning techniques;
  • making decisions and acting accordingly on the basis of the information collected.

Many companies, beyond their size and the sector, have already begun to integrate this solution into marketing strategies and support digital activities. The use of Artificial Intelligence in marketing is really multiple (for example time saving, optimization of resources, precise identification of objectives, limitation of the risk of error, etc.) and its integration can be of various kinds and affect various aspects.


How is AI used in Marketing?

Facilitate and personalize the relationship with customers

Creating personalized content that can strengthen the relationship between customer and brand is very importance. AI provides useful metrics derived from user behavior (purchase history, location, past brand interactions).

In this way, it is possible to go beyond the standard demographic data and to know in detail the preferences of consumers at an individual level, determining the creation of strategies to follow and ad hoc content for each individual customer.

The creation of personalized experiences facilitates and improves the customer experience, that is the set of interactions between company and customer.

Anticipating trends and scenarios

Predictive analytics, the ability to know features in advance and anticipate user behavior, is a huge advantage for companies.

In this case, marketing uses AI to research consumer segments, but also to determine where to best allocate resources and set prices dynamically. For companies it is a great wealth to discover consumer habits, values and thoughts of customers towards a certain topic, what behaviors they expect from companies and so on.

In the same way, data can be used to understand what types of products a consumer will look for and when: campaigns can thus be positioned more accurately, products are suggested to consumers based on past purchases and behaviour, conversions and customer satisfaction are increased.

Automate your marketing operations

Another key use case is efficiency optimization of business processes. AI can help automate processes such as sorting marketing data or answering common customer questions. This saves a lot of resources for the company and frees employees from hours and hours of often repetitive work.


Communicate more easily and efficiently with a Chatbot

The habit of instant messaging has brought changes in people’s communication preferences not only in personal life, but also in business relationships.

When encountering a problem, the user wants to have answers as quickly as possible, personalized and above all useful, because he’s searching to solve his own need. Efficiency and speed in responding to customers can really make a difference.

In this the chatbot is a magnificent ally for companies to communicate, a great tool for marketing and sales, a real revolution in customer relationship.

The chatbot is a software that can simulate an online conversation with a human interlocutor, starting from input in natural language. Used in many contexts, the chatbot can be text-based or voice-activated (in the case of virtual assistants). The chatbot interacts and communicates with a good degree of naturalness and precision with the user, responding to the most basic requests.

A 24/7 chatbot aims to reach customers in time of need and provide efficient basic support. In addition, by leveraging past questions and historical data, chatbots can track tastes, preferences, and habits by providing companies with highly profiled data that they can reuse in future activities.

Chatbots can improve and personalize brand interaction with consumers, generating leads and directing users to the information they want. But not only: in addition to facilitating navigation on the site, a chatbot is able to support sales with targeted promotions and send promotional materials (such as PDFs, discount coupons, invitations for events), thus increasing conversion rates.


Our Chatbot Klondie is easily integrated with all the other algorithms on our AI Marketplace to meet the different needs of businesses.

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