ChatGPT: 8 application examples


ChatGPT has revolutionized in a very short time different areas of our daily life, bringing significant changes and offering innovative solutions. This multifunctional, adaptable and scalable tool has had a huge reach, making it a valuable resource in multiple areas.

In our article, available at the following link, we explored everything there is to know about ChatGPT: from its genesis, through its functionality, to the best practices for formulating a prompt.

Here you will find a lot of useful information on how ChatGPT can be used as an ally to improve both the quality of work and the experience of employees and customers.


The co-pilot of your business

ChatGPT is establishing itself as a valuable tool for companies, offering a wide range of applications thanks to its flexibility and continuous learning capacity.

As a virtual “copilot”, ChatGPT can assist in a myriad of tasks. It can improve customer service efficiency, produce quality content, or assist employees.

The innovative aspect of the “copilot” is that ChatGPT does not just passively perform tasks, but offers proactive suggestions and creative solutions, continuously learning and adapting to the context. This advanced collaboration capability enhances productivity, creativity and business efficiency.


A responsible use

Despite the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, users should treat the information provided as a starting point for further research, and not as absolute facts. While ChatGPT can generate accurate answers based on a vast knowledge database, it cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information.

Users should always verify the sources and truthfulness of the generated content, rather than blindly copy and paste the information. The responsible use of ChatGPT, therefore, requires a degree of judgement and verification by the user, thus ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data used.

As Massimo Chiariatti points out in his book “#Humanless” “The trick is to use AI as a prompter and not to make decisions in our place”.


The application areas of ChatGPT in the company

Customer service

In a world where customer service is increasingly digitalized, ChatGPT emerges as an indispensable tool to enhance its services.

With its ability to understand and generate human language consistently, ChatGPT can handle a wide range of customer requests, from simple questions to more complex problems.

ChatGPT can be particularly useful in managing FAQs. With its vast knowledge database, it can provide answers to a multitude of common questions, thus freeing staff to tackle more complex and specific problems.

This not only improves customer care efficiency, but also allows employees to focus on value-added tasks that require more human expertise.


Content creation

ChatGPT offers companies a valuable tool for content creation, thus facilitating the production of increasingly diverse material.

Companies can make the generation of:

  • Blog articles
  • Press releases
  • Posts on social media
  • Personalized promotional materials

One of the most powerful features of ChatGPT is its ability to customize content. It can adapt the tone, style and content of the text to specific audiences or individuals, thus creating more direct and engaging messages.

This customization can greatly improve the effectiveness of marketing messages and advertising campaigns.

We must not forget that the role of the human being remains central in the process of creating content. While ChatGPT can generate ideas, write drafts, and customize content, the human touch is still critical to refining and optimizing these content.

People bring a level of context understanding, emotional sensitivity and insight that, at least at the moment, AI technologies cannot match. Humans can grasp subtleties and nuances, they can interpret cultural trends, and they can appeal to emotions in ways that an algorithm cannot fully replicate.

In addition, humans must monitor and verify the content generated by ChatGPT to ensure that it is accurate, ethical and in line with the company’s values and objectives. This includes verifying the veracity of the information, complying with all legal rules and internal regulations, but also assuming responsibility for the impact of the message.

Artificial Intelligence and human mind must work together, combining the best of both to produce high-quality content that effectively engages and influences audiences.



ChatGPT can be used as a real-time, accurate translation tool for various types of content, including email, reports, marketing materials and product documentation.

ChatGPT’s strength lies in its ability to understand and generate human language with a high degree of precision. It can not only translate the literal meaning of words, but also capture the context, nuances and tone of the original text.

This is of paramount importance for the translation of marketing materials or official documents, where the tone and context can be as important as the words themselves.

In addition, ChatGPT offers real-time translations, an invaluable advantage in a world of fast communications.

Let us remember that the supervision of human beings and the verification of the
accuracy of translations is still of fundamental importance.


Support for the creation of emails

Through ChatGPT you can quickly edit, review and correct emails, ensuring refined and professional communication.

First, ChatGPT can generate draft emails based on specific user-provided guidelines. It can help transform complex ideas into clear and concise communications, thus improving the effectiveness of communication.

This is especially useful for business or professional emails that require precision and consistency.

ChatGPT can also review and correct emails, analyzing grammar, spelling, and style to ensure the message is fluid, professional, and error-free. It can also offer suggestions on how to improve the structure and tone of the message to make it more convincing.

Finally, ChatGPT may recommend changes to the language or structure of email to increase clarity or persuasiveness.


Ideas generation

ChatGPT can be used to generate ideas and facilitate brainstorming sessions, providing an innovative and creative method to troubleshooting. You can formulate initial ideas and let the model generate potential concepts or solutions based on the provided context.

ChatGPT can also refine ideas and proposals, offering feedback and suggestions to improve the quality and feasibility of such ideas, as well as offering new perspectives that may not have been considered initially.

As always, human intervention remains critical to evaluating, filtering and implementing the ideas generated.

Support for the creation of presentations

Thanks to its advanced understanding of natural language, ChatGPT can offer tips, key points and topics for making presentations.

It can also generate concise and interesting texts for slide content, ensuring that key messages are transmitted effectively. ChatGPT can also assist in creating eye-catching titles, bullet points, and speaker notes, allowing you to focus on graphic and visual aspects.

Training of employees and human resources

ChatGPT supports the improvement of employee training programs and provides customized learning experiences tailored to individual needs. By integrating ChatGPT within training platforms, companies can generate relevant educational content, such as tutorials, case studies or quizzes.

ChatGPT can also answer general questions from employees, provide immediate clarification on complex issues, identify knowledge gaps and suggest targeted learning resources, fostering continued growth and development of skills.

It can also assist in the onboarding process of employees, providing general information to newcomers and facilitating the orientation process.


Software programming and development

ChatGPT can play the role of programming assistant, offering help in writing and optimizing code.

For writing code it offers suggestions on how to implement specific functions or solve common problems. It can help resolve errors, improve code optimization, and explore new programming approaches or methodologies.

This frees developers from repetitive or trivial tasks, allowing them to focus on more complex programming areas.

In addition, it can be used for code review, identifying potential problems or areas for improvement. It can report possible syntax errors, suggest ways to improve code efficiency and provide programming style feedback.


ChatGPT is changing the rules of the game in the corporate world. It is not just a “game-changer” slang, but a real ally in today’s competitive arena.

Imagine a world where customers receive instant support, where content creation is streamlined and personalized, where emails are always flawless, and where inspiration for new ideas is just a click away.

However, it remains very important to use technology that does not incorporate the information and processes of companies. KlondieGPT, the virtual assistant of Klondike trained with GPT algorithms, allows to protect know-how and business assets thanks to the use of models LLM (Large Language Models) in Open Source mode.

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