Ways AI can help your business


Artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.

There is no way you can ignore AI beacause it is having a massive effect on the business world and that is going to continue. The global AI market size is expected to reach 169 million dollars in 2025.

AI has had a positive impact on the entire customer service journey so while it’s still in early stages it’s not going to go away. Some people have trust issues with AI however as it becomes ever more sophisticated this trust will build, especially when they become used to using it. Cars used to need someone to walk in front of them waving a flag – now they can drive themselves thanks to AI.

There are three types of AI that can help your business needs.

  • Process Automation;
  • Analysing data to gain insights;
  • Engaging with customers and employees.


Process automation

Using AI can help you automate repetitive tasks such as automating your emails or newsletter. It can also help you analyse the date you receive through sending these out to help you gain more traction with your customers.

Content marketing helps you get your product in front of customers. With more people shopping online you need to get in front of the right audience. AI can analyse your data and suggest the best strategies to get the most interaction or sales depending on what is important to you. It can help with keyword research, SEO and everything you need to get ranked. You have to be in front of the customers if you want sales. It can help you link to all the various social media tools and schedule your content in a way that works for your customers, for example you can have the posts being sent to various countries at times that suit the audiences in those countries.

You can use AI to automate several tasks in Customer Service in order to decrease your costs and, above all, offer an exceptional Customer Experience. An example of this by Klondike is the possibility to classify and route the ticket that you receive without the intervention of a human being. The algorithms learn how to classify incoming requests of assistance and to who route and it does the job. That means that your employee has more time to offer the best assistance to your customer and reply to tickets faster.

Accounting and finance is also an area that has been significantly changed by AI.  It doesn’t mean those roles will disappear, but it means that they are now less likely to be areas where fraud can occur. Existing roles will change to be someone who performs a more advisory role and uses the information produced to solve problems while developing their relationship building skills.

All of this analysis means that the repetitive tasks are automated, freeing up your time to focus on how to build your business. It also saves you money and reduces risks as asking your team to perform repetitive tasks is not the best use of their time. People are scared that their roles are going to be replaced by AI, while that is true for some tasks it also creates roles for people who can interpret this information and make decisions to grow the company. There are roles today no one had heard of ten years ago but this has always happened. It’s just change is faster these days.


Analysing data to gain insights

We know that most companies use ATS to screen candidates’ CVs, reducing the tedious aspects of sifting through hundreds of CVs for each role posted. For tech hires though, talent4gig has been developed an Artificial Intelligence that uses source code to analyse the skills of the candidates to match them with open positions while ignoring the traditional CV’s.

Talent4gig’s AI platform has been developed to analyse over 10,000 parameters to produce a report that allows anyone (even those with no technical skills) to assess tech candidates. Candidates perform a coding challenge or link their github repository and our AI platform analyses this and produces a report to allow the hiring manager to easily understand their technical skills. It saves time for both the candidate & the client. Clients love this technology as you can see from a testimonial from one of our recent clients.

Given the amount of data there is available at the moment it would be impossible to analyse this without AI. You can track what you do, what your customers do, what is happening in the industry and use this information to make informed decisions.

AI can help with cybersecurity, helping to increase security and fraud detection.  It can automatically identify suspicious transactions and keep both your customers and your data safe.


Engaging with customers and employees 

Customers now want interaction in real time, they don’t want to wait until normal office hours. They may not even be in the same country.  Chatbots have been one of the most promising trends, increasing customer conversations and improving marketing. Our excellent chatbot can be combined with the automatic routing and classification of the ticket that we saw before in this article. In this way they can automate even the reply to the most simple customer’s tickets saving more time and offering an even better CX.

AI can help analyse how your customers feel by analyzing their emotions and opinions in various online texts or voice calls, this can allow you to understand your target audience and any emerging trends and allow you to tailor your responses to each customer based on their requirements.

As you can see Artificial Intelligence can give you company a huge advantage. To find out how we can help you, request a demo with Klondike or schedule a call with talent4gig.

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