7 tips to improve the CX of your customers

7 tips to improve the CX of your customers

The Customer eXperience (or CX) is the result of the interaction between a company and its customers throughout the duration of their relationship that goes from the knowledge of the brand to the post-purchase.

It consists of fundamental elements such as the customer journey (the entire path of the customer in their relationship with a brand) and touchpoints (the various points of contact between a customer and a brand), but also from all environments (physical and digital) where customers live their experience with the company.

The customer experience is the sum of several factors that must be taken care of and optimized, such as the customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer will remain faithful to the company over time, improving the relationship through new purchases, positive reviews and word of mouth.

A good CX is the key to reach new customers, but at the same time also to satisfy those already acquired.


CX: a great opportunity for companies

The care of the customer experience is an essential element to compete on the market and to emerge compared to competitors.

Social media and the production of quality content are no longer sufficient. In an increasingly competitive environment, quality rises at all times and it is necessary to focus on the experience that is offered to the customer.

Nowadays, customers expect an excellent CX: in fact, almost 80% of customers consider their experience with the company as important as the products, while 86% of them declare to be willing to spend more in response to a better experience.

A good management of the customer experience allows a reduction of costs and a growth in profits. If existing customers have a good experience, they will have more opportunity to try and buy new products with the same company than with a new one. Considering that acquiring new customers costs up to five times as much as maintaining existing ones, customer loyalty has a significant value.

One of the main goals of an impact customer experience is to generate customer satisfaction. The product or service offered by the company must respond exactly to the needs and desires of the customer. In order for this to be possible, it is necessary to know your customers well, to understand what they really need and what they are looking for.

Along with being satisfactory, the product or service must be enjoyable and perform its task perfectly.


How customer relations have changed

Before the recent digitisation, companies were just advertising and hoping that their message would reach the most suitable and target customer. Today the management of the relationship with consumers has changed profoundly and is much more complex.

Customers today have an increasingly wide choice and a new and simplified way of accessing information. The potential customer can easily reach reviews and feedback, can contact the company through multiple channels, online and offline, and can form an opinion about the company before the first contact.

Today, the digital experience has largely replaced the physical one and constitutes an important percentage of the entire customer experience, becoming decisive in the expectations that a customer has towards a brand.


7 tips to improve your customer experience

Know your customer

Having a depth knowledge of your customers is one of the first steps to optimize your customer experience. Targeting and profiling the customer you will be able to deepen the knowledge of the customer, creating personalized and customer centric experiences.

The ultimate goal is to be able to offer the customer what he is looking for, even before he wants it; in this way the bond established will not only be linked to the need but will become emotional, with the customer who will feel understood and satisfied by the brand.

Measure the customer experience

Without the ability to accurately measure satisfaction for the customer’s experience, it is impossible to know how customers feel when interacting with the company.

Even if you plan to offer an excellent CX, you need to check it out with your customers. While 80% of companies plan to provide an excellent customer experience, only 8% of consumers feel the same.

Given the easiness with which customers can leave, a lack of measurement of the CX can turn into a loss of the customer and consequently also an economic waste.

Customer centric approach

To offer a customer experience that is up to the expectations of customer, it is necessary to adopt an approach that puts the interests of the customer at the center of the interests of the company.

In order to have a customer centric approach, it is important to listen to customer problems, offering useful and consistent answers.

By observing and embracing a customer-oriented approach, we will identify the most important customer journey steps and touchpoints to implement.

The opinion of the public can come from many different touchpoints (feedback, reviews, live chat, follow-up mail) and can highlight different aspects or problems. With these simple tools you get closer to the customer and you open a relationship of listening.

Omnichannel strategy

Today companies have many tools to know the behavior of users in the various touchpoints and in the transition from one to the other. This information is essential to formulate an omnichannel strategy.

The customer can communicate in different ways with the company, but it is necessary to receive consistent and harmonious information at each time.

The image of the brand must be the same in all touchpoints and all must contribute to achieving customer loyalty, providing an optimal experience to customers.


The customer experience is deeply linked to the company and to technological developments.

A generational change always brings with it changes in the habits of information and purchase. Today young people have an excellent relationship with technology, they use all online channels to find information and read reviews. A brand is asked for a multichannel approach that allows assistance and a timely response. Being used to speed, they prefer to rely on automation and self-service options to save time and avoid unnecessary waiting.

The inclusion of self-service technologies can be very effective and can improve the customer’s perception of the experience.

Customize the CX

Customers today expect tailor-made experiences and special attention to their individual preferences. 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when a personalized service is offered.

The customer experience can be customized thanks to Artificial Intelligence, for example by offering products and services that are relevant to the needs and demands of individual consumers. The customer, feeling appreciated and understood, will be more faithful to the brand.

Take advantage from the power of AI

By introducing AI to businesses, CX can be optimized and improved through automated, fast and accurate solutions.

In the coming years, chatbots will handle most customer interactions. A chatbot can help transform the customer experience by minimizing the effort needed to solve a problem, responding 24/7 to an unlimited number of customers and still providing quick answers and managing requests in a short amount of time.

A quick and effective classification of tickets is important to provide a good experience to their customers. If manually executed, the routing of tickets takes time and is subject to errors and delays. The automation of the process allows to have accurate results, with the agents that will be freed from repetitive and boring tasks in order to concentrate on more meaningful activities.

Moreover, thanks to the AI, it is possible to automatically determine if a lead is suitable and if it has the characteristics to become an ideal potential customer, and therefore an actual customer. A correct classification of leads saves time and money, allowing companies to focus on the most valuable customer experiences.


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